Tips to Impress a Recruiter on Your Next Job Interview

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The old saying “Your first impression is the last impression” fits perfectly when it comes to job interviews. Your first impression on the recruiter determines the outcome of the interview process, which means you need to leave a great impression. Impressing recruiters and hiring managers is quite tricky because they encounter hundreds of candidates and you’re just one more job applicant for them. You may dress your best and look confident but in the end it’s the content of the interview that matters in the long run.

Employers evaluate candidates attentively so that the prospective employees meet their company’s requirements. From organized CVs and carefully written cover letters to looking straight into the eyes of the interviewer, it takes a lot to impress the recruiter. So, if you’re looking to really impress a recruiter and ace your next interview, we’ve listed some pro tips for you. The following 3 tips may help you imprint your name on the memory of recruiters and hiring managers.


  1. Create a Customize Resume

Your CV is typically the first and one of the most important things a recruiter will look at. This means it has to be great, well-organized, and relevant to the job. Every job has some specific requirements and employers look for candidates who fulfill that specific job role. This means you should read the job description carefully and customize your resume to match the recruiter’s demands. For example, if the job description mentions skills like copy editing and proofreading, make sure to include it on your CV. Also, highlight your previous experience which is relevant for the current position. You may use a Spider diagram to lay out your skills. Make sure you are organizing your resume in such a way that it is easy to follow.

  1. Research about the Company

To impress the recruiters, make sure to prepare yourself well for phone screenings and in-person interviews. Recruiters notice candidates who know about their company quite well. You should review the company’s website to get info on their upcoming projects, company culture, and even community outreach initiatives. A little research will help you a lot in answering questions more comprehensively. Also, by better understanding the organization’s culture, you’ll be able to provide better examples of how you’ll be a fit for their team.

  1. A thoughtful follow-up note

To land your dream job, send a follow-up note to the recruiter to show that you’re very interested in the position and also respectful of their time and consideration. To write a great follow-up note, you can mention any important point from your interview or something new you learned about the organization. The note also gives you a chance to mention a skill you might have forgotten during the interview.

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